To whom it may concern…


Hello! I see you have found your way here, to the “about” page. I’ll make this as brief as possible and will try not to waste your time. I’ll assume, unless you made it here by accident, that you belong to one of the following groups of people:


GROUP A: Friends and Family

Hi! I miss you! What’s new? Why are you here reading this!? Stop already! Text me and I’ll buy you a drink and I’ll fill you in on all the dirt, IRL. See you soon.

GROUP B: Esteemed Former Colleague(s)

It’s been a while. How are things? What’s inspiring you these days? How’s work going? Remember that one time, when we made that one thing and we worked so many late nights and so-and-so was like “did you put that file on the server yet!?” and I was like “I’ll send you another link” and we were like ‘will this ever end?!’ but afterward we looked back on the work and we were like ‘damn, that was actually kind of fun’. So, let’s grab coffee soon? Send me a message. I’m on LinkedIn all the time.

GROUP C: Former Friend

So yeah… Um, you’re here on my ‘about’ page because…why? Look, I deeply regret that I did/didn’t do that thing, say/not say that other thing and/or accepted/denied your request for…

I’m not going to invalidate your experience of the situation by making up excuses for how I could have been so careless or how I could have been better, but I care about you and would like to explain. So… lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum fermentum, massa ut congue mollis, odio tellus sollicitudin arcu, eget posuere dui dolor tristique ante. Aliquam pharetra tortor eget enim rutrum rhoncus. Nulla facilisi. In ut arcu maximus, pulvinar est vel, ullamcorper nunc. Morbi at sem efficitur, tincidunt nulla sit amet, viverra elit. Curabitur molestie posuere sem, ut auctor metus placerat a. Sed iaculis pulvinar tempor. 

I hope that made sense. If not maybe we can talk about this some more someday in person and put it behind us?

GROUP D: Total Strangers

Hi. We’ve never met, but great job on making it this far! If I could sum up what I’m “about” in one sentence it would be this; I’m a someone who believes you can always make anything at least 10% better.

If I can, and you’re willing, I’d like to explore how I might be able to help make things at least 10% better for you, in your world.

I know there are a lot of ways to spend your time on the internet, thanks for taking some time here to get to know what I’m “about”. Check out my blog for more and reach out and say hello. I’d love to hear from you.

Kindest Regards,

Randall g




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